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  • Cosmetic Grade Gamma Polyglutamic Acid PGA

    Contact NowCosmetic Grade Gamma Polyglutamic Acid PGAProduct description: Polyglutamic acid is a biopolymer produced by microbial fermentation, which can be used for food, harmless to humans and the environment. It has great commercial value and social value. Polyglutamic acid discovery has only a few decades of history, in recent years, because...Read More

  • Gamma Poly Glutamic Acid Powder Used In Cosmetic

    Contact NowGamma Poly Glutamic Acid Powder Used In CosmeticDescription: Polyglutamic acid is a natural microbial fermentation of water-soluble polyamino acids. Polyglutamic acid water retention is good, molecular weight, is pure biological fermentation, can be natural degradation. Polyglutamic acid is non-toxic to humans and the environment and is...Read More