China Sweetener Sucralose Powder

China Sweetener Sucralose Powder

Sucralose is the only functional sweetener that is made from sucrose.Sucrose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose.Sucralose has low calorie and can't cause obesity and can be used by diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the elderly.


Product Description

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Sucralose is the only functional sweetener that is made from sucrose.Sucrose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose.

As a high intensity sweetener, sucralose has proven to be safe, consistent in both quality and sweetness, and economical in cost making it the sweetener of choice for many food and beverage manufacturers.


Easily soluble in water,Sweetness is pure
To improve the flavor,cover a variety of astringency and bad flavor
Noncaloric,Sweetness is 600 times as sucrose
For obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular patients, children and the elderly to use
good stability
long shelf life
It can be heated to boil,After high temperature sterilization is not damage of sweetness,Don't change efficacy of the Traditional Chinese medicine
Good permeability
Can be used for canned fruit, candied fruit food production

PS:Sucralose is also can be used as a flavoring,make the salty, sour food  taste more downy




Beverage (adding amount of sucralose: 100~250mg/Kg)

1>.Original juice, carbonated soft drink, fruit drink and tea drink:

2>.Soybean Milk, Soymilk, Energy Drink, Sports Drink:

3>.Neutral Beverage such as Coffee and Cocoa

4>.Alcoholic Beverage


Chewing gum, peppermint candy, hard candy, soft candy and throat-wetting candy  

Process fruits and vegetables  

Preserved fruits and canned fruits  

Jam, processed vegetables and vegetable juice  

With good permeability, sucralose is applied to fruit cans, preserved fruits, etc.

Medicine and Health Products (appropriate adding amount)

Cough mixture, heat-clearing herbal tea, health-care oral liquid, nutritional supplement, and solid electuary

 patients with obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and decayed teeth also can take medicine and health products adopting sucralose, so that the demands of medicine and health products are met. 

Dairy Products (adding amount of sucralose for reference: 60~200mg/Kg)

1>. Milk, flavored milk and imitation milk products

2>. yogurt, Fermented milk, Lactic acid bacteria beverage

3>.  Ice cream

Others (appropriate adding amount)

1>. Salad dressing, seasoning, condiment, sweetener, extract of spice

2>. meat products, mixture of soup and soup

3>. With good stability performance

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