Organic Plant Protein Powder Extracted From Pea

Organic Plant Protein Powder Extracted From Pea

One Advantage of Pea Protein There is no allergy source: peas are not allergic to gluten, so the pea protein powder does not have any allergens, and it also avoids lactose intolerance caused by whey protein. We all know that protein powder is not too much to eat, because it will increase the...


80% 85% protein content product

Protein as the basis material of human body composition and metabolism , is an indispensable component of dietary structure, pea protein is a high quality plant protein.

Company pea protein production using biological fermentation process, all products using non-transgenic peas as raw materials. Compared with other plant protein, pea protein has the advantages of small molecular weight, no allergen, no hormone and so on. The amino acids required by the human body meet the FAO / WHO recommended value, especially the lysine content is better than other plant protein.



           product details         

quick dispersion    high stability

with 18 kinds of Amino Acids

high Lysine  no cholesterol

                Allergen-free   none-GMO


  Sensory Index

Physicochemical Index

Microbial Index

Color: Light Yellow or Milk White


Total bacterial count≤30,000cfu/g

State:dry and loose powder

Ash content≤8%

Coli group≤300MPN/100g

Smell:Its own flavor without peculiar smell


Without pathogenic bacteria

Fineness (100-mesh passing rate)≥99%

PH           6-8



         Application Range        



          packing and delivery       



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