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The Nutritional Value Of Trehalose Powder
Jun 14, 2017

With the continuous progress of society, people's food requirements are more meticulous. Meat food is no longer the only nutritious food on the table, more and more seafood food on the table, a new type of marine food is more and more people love, It's called seaweed.


However, trehalose is extracted from the seaweed, so he belongs to the safety of natural sugars, daily consumption of mushrooms, seaweed, beans, shrimp are containing high trehalose.


Trehalose can be digested and absorbed by the small intestine like sucrose and maltose. Does not affect the fluctuations of blood sugar, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients ideal sweetener.


Trehalose is widely used in pasta, sugar, all kinds of sweets, baking products, aquatic products, seafood, cosmetics and medicine and other fields

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