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The Function Of Trehalose Powder In Cosmetics
Jun 28, 2017

Trehalose molecular weight is small, easy to be absorbed by the skin, into the cell to play its unique role in the role of water instead of stress factors and protect the cell membrane function, improve cell anti-dry, anti-freeze ability, so as to improve the ability of the skin to adapt to the environment. There is no doubt that with the biotechnology, cosmetic technology advances, trehalose on human beauty, skin care, hair care will show more and more magical effect.


Advantage Of Trehalose


1>.To prevent oil decomposition

For products containing fatty acids and esters, adding trehalose can effectively inhibit the oxidation of the product rancidity.Data show that people to the elderly after the sebum in the fatty acids, palmitic acid increased, after decomposition is easy to produce body odor, and trehalose this natural sugar can effectively inhibit the decomposition of fatty acids, so as to achieve the effect of preventing body odor.

2>.Prevent protein denaturation

Trehalose has the effect of protecting the biological activity


Excellent water retention, hygroscopicity, in the case of severe dehydration, can replace the role of moisture in cells. Hyaluronic acid and trehalose in combination, complementary efficiency, both biological preservation and intelligent moisturizing effect.

4>.Anti-radiation effect

Trehalose is a protective factor for skin cell DNA and a repair factor that protects DNA from radiation-induced damage.


The Application of Trehalose in Cosmetics

Trehalose can be added to almost any cosmetic, such as creams, lotions, masks, essence, foundation, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, facial cleanser, etc., but also as lipstick, oral cleanser, oral fragrance Sweeteners, taste modifiers, quality improvers.In addition, trehalose with hyaluronic acid for anti-wrinkle wrinkle class, sunscreen cosmetics, mask, eye film effect is excellent.


The biological character of trehalose is being recognized and used by people, and the commercial value of trehalose in society will become more and more prominent.