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Pea Protein Isolated Powder 3 Benefits
May 26, 2017

1. Allergen Free

peas no allergic gluten, so the consumption of pea protein powder 

will not have any allergenic source, but also to avoid the whey 

protein may cause lactose intolerance. We all know that protein 

powder is not too much to eat, because there is increased burden 

on the kidneys, but pea protein powder, because of its unique 

nutritional structure can also avoid chronic kidney disease and 

high blood pressure, in particular,it can prevent high blood pressure 

caused by chronic kidney injury.Because of these safety characteristics

and superior health nutrients, and become the most popular daily 

consumption of protein powder.


2. Weight loss effect

(1)The study found that pea protein powder because of its hypoallergenic, high absorption, non-fat and cholesterol and other significant features, and digestion of protein energy required to digest carbohydrates and fat more than 5 times, so intake of pea protein can also help lose weight

(2)Plant protein contains less fat and cholesterol than animal protein, so it can be used to lose weight food.

(3)Scientists have found that pea protein isolates are particularly suitable for weight loss foods because the two amino acids - lysine and arginine in the pea protein are particularly high, lysine can keep the body slim, while arginine is reducing fat Can improve muscle mass.


3. Beauty effect

Modern research found that peas rich in provitamin a, can be converted into vitamin A in the body, with moisturizing the role of the skin, because it is usually extracted from the food, will not produce toxic side effects. Peas are also rich in lysine and are not found in other foods. Lysine can promote the absorption of collagen, we all know that collagen is very important for skin elasticity and beauty. This shows that peas have an irreplaceable advantage over other foods.