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Organic Plant Pea Protein Powder For Diet Foods
May 19, 2017

The raw materials of our pea protein products are non-gmo peas, which are produced by the fusion process of 

modern biotechnology and rapid water-soluble heat separation technology. Products are rich in selenium, iron, vitaminE, vitamin C and other nutrients as well as the basic essential lysine, non-estrogen,non-allergens,

antinutritional factors is extremely low, known as "soft gold" of soy products.


Like all good protein powders, pea protein is a great tool for your weight loss. Especially if you want to lose weight

 fast, it's one of the best ways to use pea protein powder.

pea protein powder, because of its low sensitivity, high absorption, free of fat and cholesterol and other


significant characteristics of the most pure nutrition of pea protein extracted from pea in the best formula,

and the energy needed for digestion of protein is more than 5 times of carbohydrate and fat intake, so 

the pea protein can also help to lose weight.