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Organic Green Protein Powder High Quality With BRC HALAL Certification ZQ157
Aug 14, 2017

non-GMO 80% green pea powder pea protein powder

The product is made from the high-quality non-GMO peas exported from Canada and the USA. The working procedures include separating, homogenizing, sterilizing and spray drying. It’s yellow and fragrant with strong pea taste and has over 75% protein and 18 amino acids & vitamins without cholesterol. It has good gelatinization and water-solubility including dispersibility, stability and dissolution.

Weight loss:

 pea protein powder also because of its low sensitivity, high absorption, free of fat and cholesteroland other significant characteristics of the most pure nutrition of pea protein extracted from pea in the best formula, and the energy needed for digestion of protein is more than 5 times of carbohydrate and fat intake, so the pea protein can also help to lose weight