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Flake Graphite And Expandable Graphite
Jun 02, 2017


Graphite (graphite) is a crystalline carbon. Hexagonal system, for the iron color to dark gray. Soft,

greasy feeling, can be conductive. Chemical nature is not active, corrosion resistance, and acid, alkali 

and other difficult to react. Heat in the air or oxygen to heat, can burn and generate carbon dioxide.

Strong oxidizing agent will oxidize it into organic acid, used as anti-friction agent and lubricating 

material, making crucible, electrode, dry battery, pencil lead.




Flake Graphite!

Flake graphite is a natural crystalline graphite, its shape fish-like, hexagonal system, was layered structure,High temperature resistant, conductive, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plastic and acid and other properties. It is a layered solid structure of solid lubricants, rich in resources and cheap.

13膨胀石墨Expanded Graphite.jpg.jpg

Expandable Graphite!

Expandable graphite, can be used as a fire filler, is a graphite intercalation compounds that used natural graphite flake as raw material, through chemical or electrochemical treatment.

Expanded graphite in case of high temperature can be instantaneous volume expansion, from the sheet into a worm-like, so the structure is loose, porous and curved, surface area expansion, the surface can improve the adsorption of graphite strength enhancement, worm-like graphite can be self-chimeric, Its softness, resilience and plasticity.