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Factory Supply Top Quality Stevia Dry Leaves Extract
Sep 08, 2017

Is Stevia Safe?

Judging from two review studies published in 2010, stevia has not been shown to lead to any adverse effect on health (12, 13).


However, there have been some claims out there about it having a similar structure to hormones that can interfere with fertility.

Those claims are based on studies on animals that were given extremely high doses, so it is unlikely that this is applicable to humans (14, 15, 16).


Different Types of Stevia Sweeteners

There are many different types of stevia. The problem is that some of them taste bad.

Therefore, getting the right kind is absolutely essential.


You can buy stevia in powder and liquid form. Some people prefer the powder over liquid and claim that it has less aftertaste.

Note that the liquid forms often have alcohol added to them, which might contribute to the bad taste.

Look for a brand that is organic, has no unnatural additives and has good flavor according to reviews.


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