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A Comprehensive Understanding Of Sucralose Sweetener
Jun 23, 2017

With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to diet health.


Do you know sucralose?

Sucrose has always been a major source of sweet food for humans,Sucrose as a high-calorie, low-sweetness food additive, long-term consumption can lead to obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and dental caries and other diseases, serious harm to human health.Therefore, the development of low calorie, high sweetness and functional sweetener is very important.Sucralose is a safe sweetener extracted from sucrose.Sucralose is considered to represent the highest level and development direction of the current strong sweetener because of its high sweetness, good taste, long shelf life, no heat and safety.

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The Advantage of sucralose

Sucralose has no odor, no toxic side effects, almost no absorption in the human body, the calorific value is zero, is the ideal sweetener dietary supplements.Sucrose has a high sweetness, no heat, good water solubility, high safety, good stability.Sucrose as a new type of strong sweetener has a strong market competitiveness and good prospects for development.

Sucralose has been widely used in beverages, chewing gum, coffee, frozen snacks, ice cream, pudding, jelly, jam, syrup, spices and other products.