Graphite CAS 7782-42-5 In Conductive Material

Graphite CAS 7782-42-5 In Conductive Material

Graphite ,soft, dark gray; greasy feeling, can contaminate the paper. Hardness of 1 to 2, along the vertical direction ,with the increase of its impurity, its hardness can be increased to 3 to 5. Specific gravity of 1.9 to 2.3. Specific surface area range of 1-20m / g, in the isolated oxygen...


Graphite is usually produced in metamorphic rocks, and coal or carbonaceous rocks (or sediments) are formed by regional metamorphism or magma intrusion. Graphite is a carbonaceous element crystalline mineral, its crystal frame for the hexagonal layered structure. The shape is crystalline, flaky, scaly, striated, layered or scattered in metamorphic rocks. Chemical nature is not active, with corrosion resistance.


Morphological Characteristics

Graphite soft, dark gray; greasy, can contaminate the paper. Graphite and diamond, carbon 60, carbon nanotubes, graphene and so are the elemental elements of carbon, they are all the same shape.




Stone hemp, stone black, stone snail, stone Dai, thrush stone

Chemical formula


Molecular weight






Melting point



Boiling point


Water soluble

Insoluble in water






Black solid


Pencil lead, refractory materials, conductive materials, lubricating materials

    Flake Graphite!


  Expandable Graphite!


Special nature

1>.High temperature: graphite melting point of 3850 ± 50 ℃, boiling point of 4250 ℃, even by ultra-high temperature arc burning, the weight loss is very small, thermal expansion coefficient is also very small.

2>.Conductive, thermal conductivity: graphite conductivity than the general non-metallic mine one hundred times higher.

3>.Lubrication: Graphite lubrication performance depends on the size of the graphite scale, the larger the scale, the smaller the coefficient of friction, the better the lubrication performance.

4>.Chemical stability: graphite at room temperature has good chemical stability, acid, alkali and resistance to organic solvent corrosion.

5>.Plasticity: good toughness of graphite, can be crushed into thin slices.


Refractory materials, conductive materials, for wear-resistant lubricants, for the atomic energy industry and defense industry, graphite is also widely used in petrochemical, atomic and other industrial fields. In addition, graphite or light industry in the glass and paper mill polish and rust inhibitor, is the manufacture of pencil, ink, black paint, ink and synthetic diamond, diamond indispensable raw materials.


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