Hydration Catalyst

Hydration Catalyst

ZSM-5 molecular hydration catalyst for crystallization type sieve catalysts for reactions in slurry state; is an aluminosilicatecatalyst, the active point of H+ acid, the crystal form via the analysis test: Na1.78Al2Si31.1O66.1. Operating conditions 1, the hydrated operating temperature: 100 to...


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ZSM-5 molecular hydration catalyst for crystallization type sieve catalysts for reactions in slurry state; is an aluminosilicatecatalyst, the active point of H+ acid, the crystal form via the analysis test: Na1.78Al2Si31.1O66.1.

Operating conditions:

1, the hydrated operating temperature: 100 to 130 DEG C

2, the hydrated operating pressure: 0.5 ~ 1.0Mpa (g)

Performance guarantee:

1, the conversion rate is greater than or equal to 9%

2, selective: = 98.98%

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