Pure Trehalose Powder In Pharmaceutical&Cosmetic

Pure Trehalose Powder In Pharmaceutical&Cosmetic

Function Application 1 Bakery products and western - style cakes Products 2 Sweets Products 3 P udding & Ice-cream Products 4 Beverages Products 5 Rice and Flour Products 6 Aquatic products & seafood 7 Trehalose can effectively protect the epidermis cell, effective against skin aging,...



Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar composed of two glucose molecules with 1,1-glycosidic bonds,Trehalose has a non-specific protective effect on a variety of bioactive substances.

Trehalose can form a unique protective film on the surface of the cell under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, alpine, high osmotic pressure, dry and dehydration, and effectively protect the protein molecule invariant inactivation, so as to maintain the life process and biological characteristics of the living body.



Trehalose can be used as an important ingredient in protein drugs, enzymes, vaccines and other biological products, or to maintain cell activity. It is an important ingredient in moisturizing cosmetics. It can also be used as a food to prevent food deterioration and keep food fresh and improve food quality. Unique food ingredients, greatly expanding the trehalose as a natural taste of sweet sugar.


1  Bakery products 

2  Candy

3 Fruit class

4 Beverages Products

5 Aquatic products

6 Pharmaceutical industry

7 cosmetic





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